A Fine Art Parisian Wedding: Elegance at Hotel Plaza Athénée

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A Fine Art Parisian Wedding: Elegance at Hotel Plaza Athénée

There’s nothing more luxurious than shooting a wedding in Paris and I had the wonderful privilege of capturing the breathtaking love story of Evangeline and Alexandre during their fine art Parisian wedding at the iconic Hotel Plaza Athénée in Paris, France.


This fine art Parisian wedding exuded elegance and opulence, with every detail meticulously curated to create an unforgettable celebration. Evangeline’s beauty radiated as she donned an intricately beaded wedding gown by Australian designer Leah Da Gloria, featuring a unique open slit that added a touch of contemporary flair. Her long and elegant veil from Alexia’s Bridal flowed like a dream, complementing her bridal look. The beautiful floral bouquet, masterfully crafted by Janna Brown, added a delicate touch of nature’s beauty. Evangeline’s stunning appearance was perfected by the skilled hands of makeup and hair artist Amybeth from Bespoke Beauty. Alexandre looked exceptionally handsome in his fitted black tuxedo, embodying Parisian sophistication. Read along to see all of the wonderful moments that unfolded at the iconic Hotel Plaza Athénée.

Exquisite Details: The meticulous attention to detail was evident in every aspect of this wedding. The flat lay design showcased the couple’s carefully chosen accessories, beautifully curated invitation suite by Christy Howton of Paper Tree Studio, and delicate floral elements. The invitation suite set the tone for the wedding with its timeless design and exquisite craftsmanship, perfectly encapsulating the elegance and romance of the day.

Evangeline’s bridal ensemble was a work of art itself. The intricately beaded wedding gown, a creation by Leah Da Gloria, highlighted her beauty with its unique open slit that exuded a sense of modern sophistication. Her long veil from Alexia’s Bridal added a touch of ethereal charm, creating a visual harmony that was truly captivating.

Capturing Parisian Elegance: The Hotel Plaza Athénée served as the perfect backdrop for this fine art Parisian wedding. Its luxurious decor and table setting blended seamlessly with the elegance of Evangeline and Alexandre’s attire. Every photograph captured the essence of their love story, juxtaposing their refined elegance against the opulent surroundings.

The formal photos taken on the streets of Paris, including iconic locations like the Louvre and Pont Alexandre III bridge, added an authentic Parisian flair to their wedding story. These photographs showcased not only the couple’s love but also the timeless beauty of the city, where art, culture, and romance intertwine.

Conclusion: Evangeline and Alexandre’s luxurious wedding at the Hotel Plaza Athénée was a true celebration of elegance, romance, and the fine art taste that defines Paris. Through my lens, I had the privilege of capturing the sheer beauty and joy that radiated from every moment.

May these photographs serve as a cherished reminder of the love and beauty that Evangeline and Alexandre shared on their special day. This fine art Parisian wedding, set against the backdrop of the iconic Hotel Plaza Athénée and the enchanting streets of Paris, epitomized the allure of a love story where elegance and romance intertwine.

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