An Enchanting Wedding at Wadley Farms

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An Enchanting Wedding at Wadley Farms

As a fine art wedding photographer, stepping into Leanne and Justin’s wedding at Wadley Farms in Utah was akin to entering a storybook. The Castle venue, a breathtaking structure reminiscent of a European estate, set the stage for a celebration that encapsulated the essence of enchantment. From the moment I arrived, the air was filled with anticipation and a touch of magic. Scroll through to view their enchanting wedding at Wadley Farms.


Leanne was an ethereal vision in her one-of-a-kind wedding gown. The layered champagne glittery tulle gave her the allure of a modern-day princess, while the intricate lace bodice accentuated her grace and elegance. Her bouquet was a masterpiece in itself, crafted with lush greenery and accents of gold, maroon, cream, and blush, mirroring the colors of a picturesque garden in full bloom.

Justin, the dashing groom, exuded sophistication in his grey suit, perfectly complemented by his matching boutonniere. Together, they epitomized timeless elegance against the backdrop of the grand Castle.

What truly set this wedding apart was the meticulous attention to detail that reflected Leanne and Justin’s passions. The table decor and seating chart were adorned with touches that echoed their love for travel. Their journey was beautifully depicted through the places they’d explored in their trusty travel van, each table a tribute to a cherished adventure. It was a unique and heartfelt way to share their story with their loved ones.

The pièce de résistance was the wedding cake—a single, grand sugar cookie from Crumble adorned with charming turkey decorations, a nod to the Thanksgiving season that coincided with their special day. It was a delightful and unexpected touch that added warmth and whimsy to the celebration.

The venue itself was a masterpiece, a true reflection of grandeur. The cobblestone pathways, ornate gates, and majestic interior resembling a ballroom from a bygone era transported everyone into a fairy-tale world. The chandeliers cast a soft, romantic glow, while the grand doors leading into each room added an air of regality to the affair. And then, the Rocky Mountains framed the scene, standing tall and proud, providing a picturesque backdrop that only added to the day’s splendor.


Capturing Leanne and Justin’s love amidst such splendor was an honor. Every snapshot was a testament to the magic woven into this enchanting day. As I look back on those photographs, I’m reminded of the love, the laughter, and the sheer beauty that enveloped Wadley Farms that day. It was a wedding straight out of a fairy tale—a celebration of love, joy, and the beginning of an incredible journey together.

In every aspect, from the bride’s radiant smile to the grandeur of the venue, this enchanting wedding at Wadley Farms was a dreamy celebration and I loved capturing each part of their day with all of the unique details that portrayed their love for each other.

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